About The HR Health Check

The Problem

People are crucial to business success. However, many business owners, managers and entrepreneurs do not have formal training in developing their human capital. People are usually the largest financial cost that any organisation faces, but finding, managing and developing is sometime left up to chance or is not fully considered.

The Solution

The HR Health Check was created to provide a free and easy way for businesses and other organisations to quickly self-assess their current human resources activities.

Using factual information and the latest research and empirical evidence from academia The HR Health Check combines suggested best practice with meaningful insights for those who want to improve on managing their people.

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What You Get With Your Health Check

  • An overall grade A+ to F
  • A Tailored Report containing insight to your current activity, why the area in question is important, and what you could do to improve.
  • A Tailored Action consisting of a prioritised bullet-point plan with the immediate next steps you should consider taking.
  • All this emailed to you as a PDF for future reference.

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This is Amazing. How come it is Free?

The HR Health Check has been generously supported by WorkbaseHR who have dedicated the entire research and development cost, worth over £15,000.

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