Benefits of The HR Health Check

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Learn HR Fundamentals

People are crucial to business success. However, many business owners, managers and entrepreneurs do not have formal training in developing their human capital. People are usually the largest financial cost that any organisation faces, but finding, managing and developing is sometime left up to chance or is not fully considered.

The HR Health Check was created to provide a free and easy way for businesses and other organisations to quickly self-assess their current human resources activities.

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Evidence Backed

Using factual information and the latest research and empirical evidence from academia The HR Health Check combines suggested best practice with meaningful insights for those who want to improve on managing their people.

We have deliberately avoided including opinions in The HR Health Check, as we wanted to create a tool that wasn't tied to a specific way of thinking or individual experience. Instead we wanted to create something that a) had never been done before and b) would be useful across many different types of organisations.

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Your Tailored Report

Every HR Health Check report is different. We use the answers you give us during the health check to tailor a specific report just for you, it will even have your organisation name, and the date you took the health check for future reference.

There are eight sections to your report:

  1. Compliance
  2. Recruitment
  3. Training
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Performance Management
  6. Reward
  7. Process Management
  8. HR Marketing
For every question you answer the report will:
  • Remind you how you answered the question
  • Tell you why the question is important to HR
  • Suggest some actions you might want to consider, based on your answer.

The Full HR Health Check Report is usually about 18-20 pages long, and so we include a summarised action plan to help focus on key areas. Discover more information about the HR Health Check

Your Tailored Action Plan

Just like your report your Action Plan is tailored to your organisation. All action plans have two sections: Critical Actions, and Recommended Actions.

Critical Actions require immediate attention and are usually related to legal/compliance issues. Recommended Actions are still important, but might not be suitable to every type of organisation and so we recommend you review these and decide which actions are most applicable to your organisation.

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Completely Free

We want as many employers as possible to learn about the different ways they can improve their HR practices. That's why we've made The HR Health Check completely free of charge.

The HR Health Check has been generously supported by WorkbaseHR who have dedicated the entire research and development cost.

I have more questions

You can read the most commonly asked questions on our FAQ Page

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