Frequently Asked Questions

The HR Health Check Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HR Health Check?

The HR Health Check is an online tool that helps businesses self-assess their Human Resources practices. The questions are based on empirical evidence from academic research of small and medium sized businesses. The HR Health Check is the most comprehensive and academically robust HR self assessment tool on the internet, and it is completely free.

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Should I take The HR Health Check?

If you are looking to refresh or improve your HR practices or if you are a start-up and want to get to grips with HR best-practices then you should take the HR Health Check. The questions are broken down into different sections, each of which are important areas of HR. We recommend taking the full version of the HR Health Check as it will help you get the most insight into what to consider.

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What results will I get?

Whether or not you take the short or full version of the HR Health Check you will be sent a PDF Report and a PDF Action Plan. The full-version report is approximate 18-20 pages, and the full Action Plan is about 7-9 pages long. The short Report is about 8 pages long and the action plan is about 3 pages long. The Health Check Report details your answer to the question, why the question is important and what you actions you might want to consider, based on your answer. The Action Plan is a shortened report with just the actions you might want to consider implementing based on your answers.

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What happens if I get a low grade?

If you get a low grade then you should read your Report and Action Plan carefully. Typically low grades are due to lack of compliance. Use the Health Check as an opportunity to make positive change in your business or organisation.

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How is the Grade calculated?

You grade is calculated by taking in to account the various answers you have given for each section. Each section’s score is then weighted and combined to give an overall score, which is used to calculate your grade.

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What sections are there in the HR Health Check?

You will be asked about the following:

  1. Compliance
  2. Recruitment
  3. Training
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Performance Management
  6. Reward
  7. Process Management
  8. HR Marketing

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Which countries does the HR Health Check apply to?

The HR Health Check can be used by anyone, from any country. Be aware that some Compliance questions may not be applicable for your country/state, however. You should make sure you are complying with local laws by seeking appropriate legal council. All other sections are applicable, although the positive and/or negative effect of the actions may vary between countries and cultures and work ethic are different.

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How many Health Checks can I take?

You can take as many HR Health Checks as you like! Remember to share our service with other who you think might find it useful.

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What is Workbase?

Workbase provides really easy to use and affordable HR software for small and medium sized businesses. Workbase has kindly sponsored the development and ongoing maintenance of The HR Health Check so that you are able to use it for free. They also sponsoring the free support package for every organisation who has taken the Health Check and wants a HR Coach to guide them through implementing their Action Plan.

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