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Complying with the law is (obviously) very important, but a lot of people struggle to understand their legal obligations as employers and managers. We've included the main areas of HR compliance for you in your report and action plan so you can take action quickly on any laws that you might not be fully compliant in.

For us, compliance is a small, but important piece of great people management.

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You will often here business leaders giving advice like "hire the best people". This is great, but how do you actually go about finding and hiring these people? Our Recruitment section will help you learn about the tried and tested recruitment methods that work, and why they work.

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So you've found the best person and you've successfully hired them. Next up is getting them trained in your ways as quickly and as effectively as possible.

There is more to effective training than directly teaching others, planning and budgeting play an important role too.

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Understanding and managing performance can be a highly-emotive issue that some people want to avoid. Performance Management should be a force for good in your organisation, but is less effective when not communicated properly. There are different ways to manage people's performance but the overall goal to should be to align the objectives and goals of a person with the goals and objectives of the organisation.

This is usually easier said than done, but The HR Health Check should make life a bit easier for you.

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement has been a bit of a buzz-word lately. However, the evidence shows that as employer there are many benefits of having engaged employees. The HR Health Check will help you to better understand the different ways you can improve employee engagement at your work.

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Employee Reward

How do you reward your employees? There are lots of different ways to reward people for their time and effort. Using a mix of reward strategies can have knock-on effects such as increasing employee engagement, so its worth understanding what rewards motive your people!

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Process Management

Processes, such as a manufacturing process, should help make your business run more quickly and reliably. So, a few well placed people processes should make your entire employee management much easier, quicker and more robust.

It's important not to get too bogged down in too many processes, so we've found the ones that add the most value to an organisation and incorporated these in our health check for you.

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HR Marketing

You market your products and services, but do you market your organisation as a great place to work? HR Marketing is usually over-looked or not coherently planned, but with a few techniques you could improve other core areas of your people practices - especially when it comes to recruitment.

Don't ignore this cost-effective way of improving your HR.

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